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An interview with the cause: Dr Nedeljko Drazic

A good friend of mine phoned me that a great, world-wide known shaman has came to our town, Toronto, and is willing to give an exclusive interview for Novine Toronto.
I have packed my equipment, and rushed to meet the person with “magical powers”.

Dr. Nedeljko Drazic tells me: “I communicate with snakes”

“I came from the Niksic area, but I usually say that I’m from eastern Herzegovina. For more than 500 years members of my family are herbalists. Traditionally the elders have been passing that knowledge to us youngsters… My granny would take me with her when she would go out to collect natural herbs. Among many other things, she taught me how to invite and communicate with snakes. They would never attack, she would tell me, unless you step on them, they are wise animals and you could learn a lot from them”, says Dr. Drazic.

At the first glance Dr. Drazic seems rather common. He speaks calmly and slowly. His voice is pleasant.
Only his eyes reveal the exceptional presence. His gaze, sharp and lucid reaches to one’s very essence, causing very strange overall feeling. One realizes experiencing rapid communication on some unknown level. Very loosely one could describe it as the kindest telepathic “scanning”, living just the glimpse of sensations you couldn’t completely understand.

For common people life appears unpredictable, but not for shaman.
Dr Nedeljko Drazic is the 32nd degree Mason, globally recognized parapsychologist, shaman, Dr. of The Traditional Medicine taught at the Russian Federal Research Center For Traditional Folk Medicine ENIOM, member of American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine, an Association for Environmental Studies and Health, and many other organizations in the USA. He is teaching magic in the Arab Emirates. More than five thousand students he also taught how to cleanse the enchanted body from negative energy.
In Russia, he was nominated The Best Healer Of The Last Decade Of The 20th Century. The Russian President, Boris Yeltsin awarded him with the Russian medal Star of Hope, first degree, for achieving the Mastery of Sciences and Practice.
Only a few parapsychologists and healers in the world are equally skilled.
“I cannot say I am a constant clairvoyant, but there are moments when I am receiving extrasensory information. While looking at the person I see his aura. Its colors are, among many other things, indicating the present state of one’s health,. It’s the gift I got at my early youth”, says Dr Nedeljko Drazic.
Nedeljko comes from a traditional herbalists family. He shepherded and went to school, but he considers his granny Milka’s influence crucial in his childhood. They collected and selected herbs together, assisted women at childbirths (started from his age of seven). Granny taught him anti-enchantment chants, “You’ll need all these things’, she used to say, obviously having the ability to foresee the future.”

How to make a lucky charm
“When in church you are lighting good health wish candles, take a bit of their wax, impress a coin in it, put impressed piece of wax into a silk cloth, and sew it closed with a piece of red thread. This lucky charm not only brings you wealth, but is protecting you from an evil as well.”

“When I assisted at childbirth for the first time, with the use of my bio-energy, just by moving my hands over the mother’s belly I turned the baby into the right position for birth. We would always take the newborn in our hands, and while turning it around we would perform the chants that are initiating happiness and keep are keeping the baby firmly on the God’s path . During that ritual I would sense the baby’s health condition. Placenta was never thrown away, but was kept dried, to be eventually used as a protection against spells and illnesses in the baby’s future life”, says Nedjo.
He points out that a certain tea, prepared from a combination of herbs, helps pregnant women to deliver their babies with ease. “Man should turn to nature. Some people say that the herbal teas cannot cure, of course they can! Officially, he said, cure against AIDS hasn’t been discovered, yet, for years now, at Tibet they are making it from the herbs”. Nedjo insists that all herbalists living in Herzegovina are elves.
The inevitable question is – how we actually know that a spell has been cast upon us.
“Such a person is absent-minded, depressed, often aggressive, and irritable: distressed, he becomes energetically unbalanced, and incapable of receiving advice. Such is unable to achieve emotional satisfaction, and professional success.”
‘The person who puts a spell on somebody actually captures a part of that person’s soul’, explains Drazic, and adds that such a thing like spell and curse still exists, although they used to be much more frequent in the past`.

Are there different types of magic?
Yes, there are. Bloodline curse is when somebody pays for his relative’s sins; the enchantment spell is used to tie a person in love. These days there’s a new one, a black magic business spell, with a goal to ruin somebody’s business. It is considered to be a modern version of the old type, village, enchant, pointed towards a respected farmer’s cattle or fields”, says the great magician.’
“It is very difficult to find out that a black magic curse is activated; the first sign of it is when the healthy people have sick offspring, the type of curse that actually works through breaking in the certain person’s code. You need a time to take it off.”
“A spell can also be ‘received’, or cast upon somebody by accident, if the person steps in spittle under spell, or takes a sip from somebody else’s glass.”
With the ability to notice what the others cannot see this great magician immediately recognizes the person that is put under the spell, as he senses ‘the black aura’ surrounding the body of the person searching for help. “Firstly, I define the type of magic cast upon the person, then I remove specific negative energy from him, and finally I do the cleansing of the soul, its aura, and the body by finely balancing the energy of his being”, Nedeljko explains the stages of the healing ritual for persons put under spells.
“If a person has the history of destroying temples, I could sense a bunch of devils surrounding him. For me, such a visions abilities are spontaneous. Although I am educated and I read a lot, I cannot explain how it happens”, admits Nedeljko.
He has always had the ability to ‘see’, for example visions in the shape of animals around a person. He could immediately say whether somebody is paying for somebody else’s sins, if there’s black or some other magic cast upon the person.
He warns that the spell can be cast via presents, but also using the lock of person’s hair or his nails. He adds that the people should avoid exchanging clothes with friends, because pieces of clothes could hold and transfer another person’s negative body energy.
For those interested in casting a spell, his advice is to be very cautious if practicing magic, as some boomerang-like type of effects can turn it back to the sender.

Protection from enchants
“How can a person be protected from enchants and curses?
Take three basil flowers and three grains of incense, put them into a red cloth and sew with a piece of red thread. In church, dip this parcel into consecrated water and keep it always with you, wherever you go.

How can a person be healed?
“Regular shrine or churchgoing greatly improves healing. They are full of positive energy. Therefore, It is understandable why the first object built on the site of the future village would be the church.”
“You should stand beneath the dome, as the light comes there. Positive energy can be sensed there, although people do not see it. Then, one repents and say three prayers to God, Mother of God and to all of the Saints, asking them to protect one’s family and take all the impure forces straight into the centre core of the Earth, and you repeat three times ‘I am the light and the light is around me’. You should pray not to do any harm to anybody, and to no harm be done to you.”
“But, in majority of cases, the spell cannot be put down without the help of an expert. Each of us has the astral twin, and we could all share and exchange our own energy with our astral twin’s energy. My task is to find the persons astral twin, and transfer its astral twin’s positive energy to the affected person”, Nedjo continues his story.

Healing trees
Drazic says that people in Serbia consider that not only monasteries, but the trees as well, are very important in helping the healing process. From the esoteric point of view, beech represents firmness, oak, strong energy, while ash possesses specific magical and healing powers. Leaves of a willow tree are very healing, but are also inevitable ingredient of the Rom magic. Walnut tree is not good, so it’s better not to have it grown in the yard.

“When I envision that somebody is under the influence of a certain spell, I turn to pulse diagnostics, an ancient method I became familiar with during my stay at Tibet. While holding the person’s wrist, I feel his pulse and the flow of his blood through his organs. That way I confirm the diagnosis got by scanning his aura, about the present and, even more importantly, the future status of his organs.”
“Pulse diagnostics is, thus, a way of prevention, as it shows all the organs that are endangered by future illness, which never starts out of the blue, it is hidden in the body for at least two years prior the onset of the illness”, says Nedeljko.
After doing pulse diagnostics, he starts energy treatment. Nobody clearly knows what happens while his hands pass over parts of the body, while he waves his arms around it, or while he embraces it firmly. There are just some pleasant vibes and warmth going through the body.
“That’s called de-blocking energy. At first, I intensify the energy in the stomach, which is the source of life, then I pass on to reinforcing the heart, and the right side of the lungs, and finally I reinforce the spine. After that, the person has a normal energy flow throughout his body, and the energetic protection from bad influences’, explains Nedeljko.

What are your preparations for the ‘Para-psychological fight’ like?
“First, in order to purify my body, I fast for 2-3 days, eating food cooked just in the water. The main mental preparations happen at night, from 11:50 to 00:10, followed by the telepathic exchange of thoughts with my shaman and lama friends. When then the fight finally starts, I am prepared, and everything else that happens is just the matter of applying the knowledge through different techniques.”
No matter what kind of the ritual is performed, I am always recommending my clients to fast, and go to church for a few days prior coming to me. Priests are strong and they teach us the true spirituality.”
“During the ritual, I have to be in strict control of my spiritual energy, I cannot allow to be taken by it, and to fall into the deep trance.”
“For a few hours after the fight it is forbidden to sleep. Each battle leaves me with scars, and ialso me wisdom and strength.”
The aim of the battle is not to destroy the enemy, but instead, I am transmitting, and making them only good. At first, as the evil resided in them, they could not stand the flow of the good through them, which then neutralizes their evil energy, and by the end the flow of good changes their own nature for good.”
“In the rituals, I use the chants from different teachings, and only the ones which energy suits me. I perform them in the original language, although I am familiar with the translation. When I am using Serbian chant, then I am on my own, but when I use, let’s say, a Tibetan, or Arab chant, their lamas and magicians support me.”
In rituals, body posture is important. Legs and feet have to be in the triangular position.
Nedjo never cures before first purifying the clients body from any traces of magic, or negative energy that’s residing in them. Only after that he offers recipes for herbal teas, tinctures, balms…
In Belgrade, Nedeljko has founded the branch of the Center For Spiritual Regeneration And National Tradition, in order to be able to teach people how to fight against black magic. He says he has already done that all over the world.

A Tibetan elixir
On Tibet, Drazic learned how to make unusually strong tasted and powerful elixir …
It is excellent for cleansing the body, eliminating tumors and illnesses, and regenerating and rejuvenating cells in the human body. He prepares it using 99 herbs that are crushed, ground in the crusher, mixed, and then put into the clay pot. The pot is sealed with the resin and then buried in the ground, where a plant is seeded. He was taught that when this plant rmaturity, it signals that the potion is ready and it is to be taken from a small glass, in sips.

He mentions Tibet, where he was in the seventies, thanks to a friend of his. After two weeks his group from Beijing returned home, but he stayed there for three years. He acquired the process of meditation there, learned how to be positive, to purify himself and the others, to cure using water and herbs, to do the acupuncture with bees…
He learned many of their secrets, but he never uses them without their permission. Every day he is in a telepathic connection with his teachers, they are always beside him whenever he cleanses somebody from influence of the black magic.
During those three years he never went home.
He was taught by the teachers from three different ranks, starting from lower ranked ones up to the highest sages.
He went from Beijing to Tibet, to the Himalayas, where lies is a complex of temples, that could only be reached by walking and climbing through the landscape of endless forests and steep mountains with numerous caves.
“Foreigners are rare birds there. I was there with the priests who are preachers, healers, semi-divinities, I could say, who, besides passing their knowledge on me, activated my energy that I could now use to help people.”
He emphasizes that the energy is very important for a person, who loses with maturity, and, usually, searches to get it back from youngsters.
“Grandparents used to regain a part of their positive energy by taking care of their grandchildren, and nowadays rich seniors use their money to buy love of much younger girls.”
He adds that the Tibetan priests gave him the knowledge about getting rid of poisons and dead cells and thinning the blood.
“With lamas, I communicated via thoughts. Otherwise, I have always had very good communication with priests.”
“I have always been attracted to monasteries and churches”, says Nedeljko and adds that our priests are familiar with his work and have never shown they do not understand it. “They practice similar things protecting people with positive energy produced by prayer’s vibrations, for ages.”
“There is a prayer against devils in the Bible, too. Everybody should use it.”
After staying on Tibet, Nedja’s life has changed. He realized he should help people, give them back the light. It is not clear whether he had chosen the profession, or the profession had chosen him. As it showed that nothing happens at random.
He has since been developing his skills visiting native peoples of India, Siberia, different African tribes, learning from the voodoo magicians, shamans, gurus, and magicians from all over the world.
His fame was launched as soon as he came back from Tibet, even before he acquired the additional knowledge.

Dr Nedeljko Drazic insists that Serbian monasteries have healing powers.
“Pilgrims from all over the world go to chancels, churches, and temples to find the cure for all sorts of illnesses. In Serbia, we have it all. Nowhere else, but in Serbia, you can find that many monasteries with positive energy. Our monasteries have the power to heal, and Serbia could live just by helping people coming here to find the cure.”
Unlike America, where their money ‘bought’ the best Para-psychologists from all over the planet, the Russians benefited from the natural Para-psychological potential they own.
Nedeljko Drazic tries to do the same in Serbia. He wants to gather the people with the strongest abilities and to educate them for transmitting positive energy, curing people and spreading the light. That’s the reason for having a unique association, The Centre For Spiritual Regeneration And People’s Tradition, registered in Belgrade.
It’s time to build the energy shield above Serbia, invites Nedeljko. “People from this region are genetically gifted with Para-psychological powers, its development is limited only by one’s power of determination to acquire the knowledge.

The World Cup is currently on. Does your suggestion that you can find magic there, too, indicate that even the sport is not immune?

“No, it isn’t. Wherever there is money, and those games have millions and millions of dollars that are at stake, and on one side you have betting houses, credibility and future of the players, and on the other the beauty of the pure sport.”
“In the USA, the games of the finals resemble festivals. There you can find magicians of all kinds, shamans in frightening clothes, Para-psychologists, psychotherapists, suggesters…”
They use various ways to affect the players through affected food, water, by the use of the espionage, through the use of distracting sounds… All possible effects should be neutralized. There you have one country against another, big clubs paying parapsychologists to protect not only the players and goalkeepers, but the members of the management, doctors, coaches…”

To make the money flow…
Knowing that the big recession is still present and that many have money problems, this practitioner of white magic advises what to do to make the money flow in.
“If you are penniless, take two identical banknotes, go to church, circle the icon, pray and, after that, rub your forehead with the banknotes. Then, kiss the icon, donate it with one banknote and keep the other in your wallet.
If you are looking for a job, fast for three days before going to the interview. On that very day, dress up, go to church, clean your face with consecrated water and light incense. These things will fill you with positive vibrations and the employer’s attention will be captured.

What could possibly happen?
“The goalkeeper may step to the left, instead to the right side and miss the ball, the doctor may give wrong pills, vitamins, the coach may block… Those who watch the foreign league’s games can notice that all the players wear lucky charms. You can’t say it is for no reason, as their lives could be in danger.”

What are your results in protecting sport fans?
“I lose no games, it’s the matter of life and death. I don’t kill anybody, but I block and neutralize all bad energies. At the Championship in Tunisia, our national handball team had already started packing when I arrived. They won the game and managed to go on.”

And, for the end of this interview, what is your piece of advice for our readers?
“A person’s illness or misfortune are not given by God”, insists Nedeljko. “That’s why negative energy cleansing should be applied, the Ten Commandments followed and God’s temples visited, for filling with positive energy.”
“There is more magic around us, as people are loosing their faith in God, Mother of God and all of the saints. Devil approaches and takes command of the money, government and all negative energies.”
“People should understand that they were born alone and consider a gift everything that they gained. A person needs money as a means of comfort, not as a purpose of living. A person should work on preserving his health, on raising his spirituality, and on going to God’s temples, the places of positive energy.”

Yes, you may say it is very weird and unbelievable. I myself was, in a way, confused, but not because I had doubts regarding the above. My confusion was rather connected to the cognition that we live in the age of energy, with the strongest among them being the energy of thoughts. Whether we are ready to admit it or not, constant Para-psychological wars have been announcing that since the dawn of time.
That was the only the first time I had ever met a magician, and a well-known one, who introduced the whole new world to me, a bit unreachable… but, still, existing.
I’ll leave it to you to decide what you are going to believe in, of course, in accordance with your beliefs, and the origin of your soul’s inscription.
And the soul is the heart, says Nedeljko.

Ivana Djordjevic

If you want to contact Dr Nedeljko Drazic:
1/305/924-0869 – Canada and the USA
1/754/273-2435 – Emirates
011/38164/265-7904 – Srbija
011/38111/323-6403 – Srbija

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